The South County Collaborative maintains a listserv managed by HomeBase. The listserv is

critical to the Collaborative’s mission to be a strong voice that advocates for the human care

needs, services and issues of South County residents; and to provide a forum to share

information and promote strategic partnerships that will improve access to health and human



The primary purposes of the listserv are to engage and connect people and organizations

serving the residents of South County to one another and to address emerging needs in the

community. The listserv allows the Collaborative to provide stewardship to its network of


Ownership and Management of the Listserv

The Board of Directors of the South County Collaborative shall own and manage the listserv.

Content of Information Sent Through the Listserv

1. Content is limited to South County Collaborative business

2. Content is of broad interest to Collaborative members

3. Unsolicited commercial content is not allowed

4. Messages should be brief

5. Large attachments are discouraged

6. No candidate endorsements

Who May Use the Listserv

Current paid members of the South County Collaborative. The Board of the Collaborative

maintains the membership list and can verify if dues are current for a member. The Board, at its

discretion, may pass on messages from non-members that serve the Collaborative


Procedures Listserv Users

1. The Board Chair, Vice Chair, or their designee will submit a list of current paid members,

with e-mail addresses to Homebase on a quarterly basis. Up to three (3) Listserv Users

will be identified for by each member organization or department, with an additional

membership fee for more.

2. Messages from Listserv Users must conform to this Policy.

3. Messages will identify the entity to REPLY TO.

4. Messages should be brief and written in Plain Text, not HTML so that most members

can read them.

5. Large attachments are discouraged since size may prevent them from being delivered.

Attachments should be created in a widely used program such as Word or Adobe.

6. Listserv Users are expected to keep security for their systems up to date since viruses

are easily spread through listserv. If a user becomes aware of a virus in its system, the

User should immediately notify the Collaborative’s Board Chair or Vice Chair.